I found this little small dog daycare/spa in a pinch online a few days before we left
for a summer vacation. I have a little 9 month old Westie and this was my first
experience having to find a kennel. Max spent one day in their daycare program to
see how he would get along with the others. We then enrolled him in their cage free
boarding so that he could play with friends and go in and out through their doggy
door leading to a private yard. My husband picked him up Sunday and Max was as
happy as a lark, beautifully groomed and playing with his new friends. These folks
are truly dog whisperers who love and cared for our pup better than us even! Max
was pretty tired after his vacation but i think he misses the care and play from
Deogi! We will bring him back for daycare and socialization as well has anytime we
have to kennel our little mad Max! Thank you Deogi :)

I boarded my dog at Deogi last week and was very impressed. They seemed
honestly interested in him and his well being while he there. When I picked him up
on Sunday, he had a little "good behavior" certificate and a written report of how he
did. And the pictures are amazing. Thanks to the staff of Deogi, I could tell my little
boy was loved and treated very well while he was there.
Pros: Great staff, very considerate, very knowledgeable about dogs, facility smelled

This is any dog's dream! they get spoiled beyond belief! Its definatley better than
putting your dog in a kennel or vet clinic where they just have to stay caged up.

My dog has been going to daycare at Deogi for about 6 months now, and she
absolutely loves it! She knows what the phrase "doggie daycare" means, and she
will run in circles around the house when she hears that she gets to go. Coming
from a dog that used to have severe separation anxiety from her mommy, this is a
big deal. Now, she doesn't even turn to look at me when I drop her off- all she
wants to do is go play! I have boarded her a couple of times as well, and she is still
just as excited when we walk in the door. I truly feel like the staff at Deogi treats
my sweet girl as they would their own. They are able to tell me how she spent her
day, who she played with, and how her mood has been. I appreciate the careful
watch they give to my pup and I would recommend Deogi to any dog owner.

Deogi specializes in small dogs daycare/boarding and grooming.  They have a dog
play area that looks like a living room setting with couches and chairs set up, I
guess to make them feel at home.  I swear I saw a leather couch sitting in one of
the rooms.  It was funny  to see all the dogs playing together in the larger room.

We were happy to find this place so close to our house, it was so convenient and
their hours are great 6:30am - 6:00pm.  We dropped our dog off for a full day
services which included daycare and grooming and little socializing with other
dogs.  The best part is 5 days after her visit and walking out 3-4 times a day in this
Houston heat, she still smells clean.

The staff was great and friendly.  My dog has a home away from home.

I recently left my four (yes 4) babies at Deogi for 5 days. 3 little babes and 1 large
(55 lbs). All 4 were happier at pickup than when I have left them anyplace else.
Also, the owner, Teresa, had something to say about each of them that let me know
she and her staff definitely had paid attention to them. I was extremely pleased
with their care and will certainly recommend Deogi to any and everyone and will be
using this great facility anytime I need to go out of town. I also understand that the
groomer is very good, altho I have not used that service.

My dog started at Deogi for doggie daycare just a few weeks ago and he just can't
wait to get in the door. Even as we are getting close to the daycare, he gets all
excited and just can't wait to get out of the car and into the play room.
The staff are all so nice and always give me a great run down on what all he did that
day. And I love all the pictures they take. It really feels like I'm leaving him with a
good friend and I always feel that he is safe and extremely well cared for.

After searching the area for a great doggie daycare that also boards, i found it! Deogi
is a great place for small dogs. My girl loves going in the door, which says a lot.
Teresa is very informative and seems to really "read" dogs well. My girl has spent
the night, which was her first over night visit at a daycare. She was happily playing
with others when I came to pick her up 24 hours after I dropped her off. It is so nice
to have a place to take her to for daycare and trips. I don't have to worry about her
because of the expert, loving care that she receives at Deogi.  Pros: Great care of

Teresa - Thanks for all the TLC you gave to "Toto."  It was such a relief & comfort
for me to leave him in your care!  You are the best!

I liked that you are very flexible with drop off and pick up times.  Thank you for
this!  Yager sits a lot and "watches", but he still comes home exhausted.  This is
good since mommy is exhausted after work too.  He seems in good spirits when I
pick him up and okay around others when I'm there so we might be making some
progress with his socialization.  I appreciate that you use email for reservations and
allow one day notice for day care.  I'm really hoping that this helps Yager to make
"friends" so to speak.

We love taking our little boy (The Bean) to Deogi! Excellent service, personable, and
you can just truly sense that they love what they do. They offer a great
environment which includes excellent exercise for the dogs not to mention an
owner that knows what she's talking about! Mainly, we TRUST them to take care of
our family member and that means the most to us.  Pros: Great location, excellent
staff, very nice environment w/great amenitites for the dogs.

I adore everything about the daycare from the warm welcome when receive when
dropping off or picking up my dog, to the complimentary baths she receives after a
hard day of playing.  Gracie Mae looks forward to her two day a week visits, I
wouldn’t change anything!  Thank you for everything!  I feel so at ease leaving
Gracie all day because I know she is having the time of her life.  You guys are
absolutely wonderful and I wouldn’t leave this daycare for anything.
 ~~ Kelly