Indulge your dog in the finest all-natural, botanical dog spa products.  Don't they deserve
the best?  We use an invigorating, warm water, hand pulse shower for your dog's

Upgrade your dog's experience with a luxurious, soothing soak in one of these essential
oil shampoos:
  • lavender,
  • tea tree

For problem areas, including tear stains or hot spots, use our special refreshing facial
scrub or tea tree soak.

For the ultimate in pampering,
give your pup the gift of the Jentle Pet Whirlpool Spa.

And, for those dogs that love other dogs, they can opt into the doggie daycare for a few
hours while they wait for you to come get them.  Doggie daycare is FREE at Deogi for
dogs with a full groom.

CLICK HERE to download the grooming registration packet.
CLICK HERE to download the full registration packet if your dog is also going to attend

Not just for small dogs, even your labrador will love pampering.