A Typical Day at Daycare and Overnights
* Temperament test is required
The day starts when your dog arrives at Deogi Dog Daycare, Spa and Resort.  They
go immediately to one of the two outdoor play yards where they romp and play on
ramp or agility equipment and, hoefully, do their business.  Then we open the door
to the "house" and they can play either indoors or outdoors.  This helps mimic a real
home environment.  They can chill on one of the sturdy leather couchs, soft all-cotton
rugs or snuggle in a hand-crafted donut dog bed.   Or, run and play like crazy.

Whatever makes them happy.

At around 11:30 (noon on weekends), they quiet down, get a light all-natural
snack(with your permission) and take a nice long nap.  After nap time, they again go
immediately out doors for a quick potty break and in the cool months, are
encouraged to play indoors and outdoors.  In the hot Houston summer months (over
80 degrees) they come right back in and play in the air conditioned "living room" for
the rest of the day.

Daycare ends at 7:00 pm.  Those spending the night get dinner and a few hours of
rest time. A quick potty break at approximately 10 pm ends the day and then, quiet,
music-filled snooze time.  

At Deogi Dog Daycare, Spa and Resort, we focus on reinforcing the good behaviors
you've already built up at home - the outdoor potty breaks are key to keeping the
dogs housetrained to your routine and schedule.